Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Fuel cells
Low voltage switchgear and controlgear
Paging equipment
Patents. Intellectual property
Petroleum products in general
Reactor engineering
Textile glass materials
Textiles in general
Transport by rail
Accessories for lifting equipment
Accident and disaster control
Accident and disaster control
Accommodation spaces
Acid secondary cells and batteries
Acoustic measurements and noise abatement in general
Acoustics and acoustic measurements
Acoustics in building. Sound insulation
Advanced ceramics
Aerosol containers
Aerospace electric equipment and systems
Aerospace engines and propulsion systems
Aerospace fluid systems and components
Agricultural machines and equipment in general
Agricultural machines, implements and equipment
Agricultural tractors and trailed vehicles
Agriculture (Vocabularies)
Aids and adaptation for moving
Aids for blind or partially sighted people
Aids for deaf and hearing impaired people
Aids for disabled and handicapped persons in general
Aids for disabled or handicapped persons
Aids for drinking and eating
Aids for incontinence and ostomy
Air mode containers, pallets and nets
Air quality
Air quality in general
Air transport
Aircraft and space vehicle engineering
Aircraft and space vehicle engineering (Vocabularies)
Aircraft and space vehicles in general
Aircraft tyres
Alarm and warning systems
Alcoholic beverages
Alcohols. Ethers
Aldehydes and ketones
Aliphatic hydrocarbons
Alkaline secondary cells and batteries
Aluminium and aluminium alloys
Aluminium electrolytic capacitors
Aluminium ores
Aluminium products
Ambient atmospheres
Anaesthetic, respiratory and reanimation equipment
Analysis of blood and urine
Analytical chemistry
Analytical chemistry in general
Animal and vegetable fats and oils
Animal feeding stuffs
Animal husbandry and breeding
Animal produce in general
Application layer
Application of information technology in general
Application of statistical methods
Applications of information technology
Aramide materials
Aromatic hydrocarbons
Astronomy. Geodesy. Geography
Audio systems
Audio, video and audiovisual engineering
Audio, video and audiovisual systems in general
Automatic controls for household use
Auxiliary materials and additives for plastics
Balancing and balancing machines
Ball and plug valves
Barrels. Drums. Canisters
Bearings in general
Belt drives and their components
Beverages in general
Binders. Sealing materials
Biological evaluation of medical devices
Biological properties of soils
Biological sources and alternative sources of energy
Biology. Botany. Zoology
Birth control. Mechanical contraceptives
Birth control. Mechanical contraceptives
Bituminous ? Waxes, bituminous materials and other petroleum products Bit
Bodies and body components
Body care equipment
Boilers and heat exchangers
Bolts, screws, studs
Bolts, screws, studs
Boring and milling machines
Bottles. Pots. Jars
Braking systems
Brazing and soldering
Bridge construction
Broaching machines Br
Buildings and installations for processing and storage of agricultural produce
Buildings for commerce and industry
Buildings in general
Burners and boilers in general
Burners. Boilers
Cable or rope drives and their components
Cabled distribution systems
Cableway equipment
Cadmium and cobalt products
Cadmium, cobalt and their alloys
Camping equipment and camp-sites
Cans. Tins. Tubes
Capacitors in general
Car informatics. On board computer systems
Carbon materials
Cargo equipment
Cargo spaces
Cases. Boxes. Crates
Cassettes and cartridges for magnetic tapes
Ceilings. Floors. Stairs
Cellular materials
Cement. Gypsum. Lime. Mortar
Central heating systems
Ceramic and mica capacitors
Ceramic products
Ceramic tiles
Ceramics in general
Cereals, pulses and derived products
Chain drives and their components
Character sets and information coding
Character symbols
Check valves
Chemical analysis
Chemical analysis of metals
Chemical characteristics of soils
Chemical laboratories. Laboratory equipment
Chemical reagents
Chemical technology (Vocabularies)
Chemicals for industrial and domestic disinfection purposes
Chemicals for purification of water
Chimneys, shafts, ducts
Chipless working equipment
Chipless working equipment in general
Chromium ores
Cinematography in general
Civil engineering
Civil engineering (Vocabularies)
Clamps and staples
Cleaning appliances
Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments
Clothing industry
Clothing industry (Vocabularies)
Coated fabrics
Coatings and related processes used in aerospace industry
Coaxial cables. Waveguides
Coffee and coffee substitutes
Colour coding
Colours and measurement of light
Commercial refrigerating appliances
Commercial vehicles
Commercial vehicles in general
Company organization and management
Company organization and management in general
Complete, filled transport packages
Components and accessories for telecommunications equipment
Components for aerospace construction
Components for conveyors
Components for electrical equipment
Components for electrical equipment in general
Components for rotating machines
Components for rotating machines
Compressors and pneumatic machines
Computer graphics
Computer-aided design (CAD)
Concrete and concrete products
Concrete structures
Concrete structures
Conduits for electrical purposes
Connecting devices
Construction drawings
Construction drawings
Construction equipment
Construction industry in general
Construction materials
Construction materials
Construction materials and building
Construction materials and building (Vocabularies)
Construction materials in general
Construction of airports
Construction of railways
Construction of railways
Construction of ropeway
Construction of waterways, ports and dykes
Construction technology
Construction technology
Continuous handling equipment
Continuous handling equipment in general
Contractual aspects
Control components
Control equipment for electric power systems
Cooking ? Cooking ranges, working tables, ovens and similar appliances Coo
Cooking ranges, working tables, ovens and similar appliances
Cookware, cutlery and flatware
Cooling systems. Lubricating systems
Copper and copper alloys
Copper products
Cork and cork products
Corrosion of metals
Cosmetics. Toiletries
Crash protection and restraint systems
Crude petroleum
Cryogenic vessels
Cutting tools
Cutting tools in general
Data communication networks
Data link layer
Data storage devices
Data storage devices in general
Deck equipment and installations
Dental equipment
Dental implants
Dental instruments
Dental materials
Dentistry in general
Diagnostic equipment
Diagnostic, maintenance and test equipment
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT)
Disinfectants and antiseptics
Distribution and vending machines
Dividing and tool-workpiece holding devices
Document imaging applications
Documents in administration, commerce and industry
Domestic and commercial equipment. Entertainment. Sports
Domestic and commercial equipment. Entertainment. Sports (Vocabularies)
Domestic electrical appliances in general
Domestic refrigerating appliances
Domestic safety
Domestic, commercial and industrial heating appliances
Doors and windows
Drainage systems
Drawing equipment
Drilling machines
Drills, countersinks, reamers
Drills, countersinks, reamers
Drinking water
Dyeing and finishing equipment
Earth-moving machinery
Earthworks. Excavations. Foundation construction. Underground works
Edible oils and fats. Oilseeds
Edible oils and fats. Oilseeds
Electric and electromechanical components
Electric filters
Electric furnaces
Electric heaters
Electric road vehicles
Electric tools
Electric traction equipment
Electrical accessories
Electrical accessories in general
Electrical and electronic equipment
Electrical and electronic equipment. Control systems
Electrical and electronic testing
Electrical and electronics engineering drawings
Electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheres
Electrical engineering
Electrical engineering (Vocabularies)
Electrical equipment for working in special conditions
Electrical equipment for working in special conditions in general
Electrical equipment of ships and of marine structures
Electrical installations for outdoor use
Electrical insulation in general
Electrical wires and cables
Electrical wires and cables in general
Electricity supply systems
Electricity. Magnetism. Electrical and magnetic measurements
Electricity. Magnetism. General aspects
Electrochemical machines
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
Electromagnetic compatibility in general
Electromechanical components for electronic and telecommunications equipment
Electromechanical components in general
Electronic component assemblies
Electronic display devices
Electronic tubes
Electronics (Vocabularies)
Elements of buildings
Elements of buildings in general
Energy and heat transfer engineering
Energy and heat transfer engineering (Vocabularies)
Engine block and internal components
Environment and environmental protection in general
Environment. Health protection. Safety
Environment. Health protection. Safety (Vocabularies)
Environmental economics
Environmental impact assessment
Environmental management
Environmental projects
Environmental projects
Environmental testing
Equipment for children
Equipment for drilling and mine excavation
Equipment for entertainment
Equipment for entertainment
Equipment for entertainment in general
Equipment for manual handling
Equipment for petroleum and natural gas industries
Equipment for petroleum and natural gas industries in general
Equipment for processing of minerals
Equipment for railway/cableway construction and maintenance
Equipment for storage, preparation and distribution of fertilizers
Equipment for telex, teletext, telefax
Equipment for the glass and ceramics industries
Equipment for the metallurgical industry
Equipment for the paper industry
Equipment for the rubber and plastics industries
Equipment for the rubber and plastics industries
Essential oils
Examination of biological properties of water
Examination of physical properties of water
Examination of soils in general
Examination of water for chemical substances
Examination of water in general
Exploratory, drilling and extraction equipment
Explosion protection
Explosives. Pyrotechnics and fireworks
Exterior building lighting
External sewage systems
External structures
External water conveyance systems
Farm buildings and installations in general
Farm buildings, structures and installations
Farming and forestry
Farming and forestry in general
Fasteners for aerospace construction
Fasteners in general
Fasteners in general
Ferrous alloys in general
Ferrous metals
Ferrous metals in general
Fibre and particle boards
Fibre optic communications
Fibre optic interconnecting devices
Fibre optic systems in general
Fibres and cables
Films and sheets
Filters, seals and contamination of fluids
Finances. Banking. Monetary systems. Insurance
Fire protection
Fire-resistance of building materials and elements
First aid
Fish and fishery products
Fishing and fish breeding
Fissile materials and nuclear fuel technology
Fixed capacitors
Fixed resistors
Flanges, couplings and joints
Flat steel products and semi-products
Flexible drives and transmissions
Flexible drives and transmissions in general
Flow in closed conduits
Flow in open channels
Fluid power systems
Fluid power systems in general
Fluid storage devices
Fluid storage devices in general
Fluid systems and components for general use
Fluid systems and components for general use (Vocabularies)
Fluorescent lamps. Discharge lamps
Food additives
Food microbiology
Food products in general
Food technology
Food technology (Vocabularies)
Forestry equipment
Forging equipment. Presses. Shears
Freight distribution of goods
Freight distribution of goods in general
Fruits and derived products
Fruits, vegetables and derived products in general
Fruits. Vegetables
Fuel furnaces
Fuel systems
Fuels ? Fuels Fue
Fuels in general
Fuses and other overcurrent protection devices
Galvanic cells and batteries
Galvanic cells and batteries in general
Gas and steam turbines. Steam engines
Gas fuel burners
Gas heaters
Gas pressure vessels, gas cylinders
Gas supply systems
Gaseous fuels
Gases for industrial application
Gate valves
General methods of tests and analysis for food products
General purpose containers
General purpose pallets
General standards related to shipbuilding and marine structures
Generalities. Terminology. Standardization. Documentation (Vocabularies)
Generalities.Terminology.Standardization. Documentation
Generating sets
Geology. Meteorology. Hydrology
Glass and ceramic insulating materials
Glass and ceramics industries
Glass and ceramics industries (Vocabularies)
Glass in building
Glass in general
Glass products
Glazing and wiper systems
Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM)
Graphic technology
Graphic technology in general
Graphical symbols
Graphical symbols for use on specific equipment
Graphical symbols in general
Greenhouses and other installations
Grinding and polishing machines
Ground service and maintenance equipment
Halogenated hydrocarbons
Hand and arm protection
Hand-held tools
Hand-held tools in general
Harvesting equipment
Haulage and hoisting equipment
Head protective equipment
Headgear. Clothing accessories. Fastening of clothing
Health care technology
Health care technology (Vocabularies)
Heat exchangers
Heat pumps
Heat recovery. Thermal insulation
Heat treatment
Heat treatment
Heat-treatable steels
Heat. Calorimetry
Heaters using other sources of energy
Heating appliances in general
High voltage switchgear and controlgear
Hinges, eyelets and other articulated joints
Home textiles. Linen
Horology in general
Horticultural equipment
Hoses and hose assemblies
Hospital equipment
Housings, enclosures, other machine parts
Hulls and their structure elements
Hydraulic construction
Hydraulic energy engineering
Hydraulic fluids
Hydrogen technologies
Hydrological properties of soils
IT applications in banking
IT applications in health care technology
IT applications in industry
IT applications in information, documentation and publishing
IT applications in office work
IT applications in other fields
IT applications in science
IT applications in transport and trade
IT terminal and other peripheral equipment
Ice cream and ice confectionery
Identification cards and related devices
Ignitability and burning behaviour of materials and products
Image technology
Image technology (Vocabularies)
Implants for surgery, prosthetics and orthotics
In vitro diagnostic test systems
Incandescent lamps
Inch screw threads
Including thermal cutting equipment
Including wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, nippers, hammers, etc.
Indicating and control devices
Indoor sports equipment
Industrial automation systems
Industrial automation systems in general
Industrial furnaces
Industrial furnaces in general
Industrial process measurement and control
Industrial robots. Manipulators
Industrial services
Industrial trucks
Information sciences
Information sciences. Publishing
Information technology. Office machines
Information technology. Office machines (Vocabularies)
Inland navigation vessels
Inorganic chemicals
Inorganic chemicals in general
Installations and equipment for waste disposal and treatment
Installations in buildings
Installations in buildings in general
Insulating fluids
Insulating fluids in general
Insulating gases
Insulating materials
Insulating materials in general
Insulating oils
Insulation systems
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
Integrated circuits. Microelectronics
Integrated circuits. Microelectronics
Interface and interconnection equipment
Interface and interconnection equipment
Interior lighting
Internal combustion engines for road vehicles
Internal combustion engines for road vehicles in general
Iron and steel castings
Iron and steel forgings
Iron and steel pipes
Iron and steel products
Iron and steel products in general
Iron ores
Irrigation and drainage equipment
Items of art and handicrafts
Keys and keyways, splines
Kitchen equipment
Kitchen equipment in general
Kitchen furniture
Knitting machines
Laboratory medicine
Laboratory medicine in general
Laboratory ware and related apparatus
Labour. Employment
Laminated sheets
Lamp caps and holders
Lamp caps and holders
Lamps and related equipment
Lamps in general
Landscaping and silviculture
Languages used in information technology
Latex and raw rubber
Laundry appliances
Law. Administration
Lead, zinc and tin products
Lead, zinc, tin and their alloys
Leather and furs
Leather products
Leather technology
Leather technology in general
Leg and foot protection
Legal aspects
Leisure. Tourism
Leisure. Tourism
Lifejackets, buoyancy aids and flotation devices
Lifting and cargo handling equipment
Lifting appliances in general
Lifting equipment
Lifts. Escalators
Lighting in general
Lighting installation systems
Lighting, signalling and warning devices
Lightning protection
Limits and fits
Linear and angular measurements
Linear and angular measurements in general
Lines, connections and circuits
Liquid and solid fuel burners
Liquid fuel heaters
Liquid fuels
Liquid wastes. Sludge
Livestock buildings, installations and equipment
Looms. Weaving machines
Lubricants, industrial oils and related products
Lubrication systems
Machine tool systems
Machine tool systems in general
Machine tools
Machine tools in general
Machines and equipment for leather and fur production
Machining centres
Magnesium and magnesium alloys
Magnesium products
Magnetic components
Magnetic disks
Magnetic materials
Magnetic storage devices in general
Magnetic tapes
Man-made fibres
Management of human resources
Manganese ores
Manufacturing engineering
Manufacturing engineering (Vocabularies)
Marine engines and propulsion systems
Marine ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems
Materials ? Waxes, bituminous materials and other petroleum products Mat
Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs
Materials and components for railway engineering
Materials and components for shipbuilding
Materials for aerospace construction
Materials for aerospace construction in general
Materials for aluminium production
Materials for graphic technology
Materials for graphic technology
Materials for the reinforcement of composites
Materials for the reinforcement of composites in general
Materials handling equipment
Materials handling equipment (Vocabularies)
Mathematics. Natural Sciences
Mathematics. Natural sciences (Vocabularies)
Measurement of electrical and magnetic quantities
Measurement of fluid flow
Measurement of fluid flow in general
Measurement of force, weight and pressure
Measurement of time, velocity, acceleration, angular velocity
Measurement of volume, mass, density, viscosity
Measuring instruments
Meat and meat products
Meat, meat products and other animal produce
Mechanical engineering drawings
Mechanical structures for electronic equipment
Mechanical systems and components for general use
Mechanical systems and components for general use (Vocabularies)
Mechanical testing
Mechanical testing of metals
Medical equipment
Medical equipment in general
Medical microbiology
Metal fittings
Metal structures
Metallic coatings
Metalliferous minerals and their concentrates
Metalliferous minerals in general
Metallurgy (Vocabularies)
Metric screw threads
Metrology and measurement. Physical phenomena
Metrology and measurement. Physical phenomena (Vocabularies)
Mica based materials
Microbiology in general
Microbiology of water
Microprocessor systems
Military engineering
Military engineering (Vocabularies)
Military engineering. Military affairs. Weapons
Milk and milk products
Milk and milk products in general
Milk and processed milk products
Milling tools
Mineral and metal fibres
Mineral materials and products
Mining and minerals
Mining and minerals (Vocabularies)
Mining and quarrying
Mining equipment
Mining equipment in general
Miscellaneous domestic and commercial equipment
Mobile services
Mobile services in general
Modular units and other devices
Motion picture equipment
Motion picture films. Cartridges
Motorcycles and mopeds
Moulding equipment
Multilayer applications
Multimedia systems and teleconferencing equipment
Musical instruments
Musical instruments
Natural fibres
Natural gas
Navigation and control equipment
Network layer
Nickel and chromium products
Nickel, chromium and their alloys
Noise emitted by machines and equipment
Noise emitted by means of transport
Noise with respect to human beings
Non-alcoholic beverages
Non-alloyed steels
Non-destructive testing
Non-destructive testing of metals
Non-ferrous alloys in general
Non-ferrous metal pipes
Non-ferrous metals
Non-ferrous metals in general
Non-metalliferous minerals
Non-textile floor coverings
Nuclear energy engineering
Nuclear energy in general
Nuclear power plants. Safety
Numerically controlled machines
Occupational safety. Industrial hygiene
Office machines
Office paper
On-board equipment and instruments
Open systems interconnection (OSI)
Open systems interconnection in general
Ophthalmic equipment
Optic amplifiers
Optical equipment
Optical measuring instruments
Optical storage devices
Optics and optical measurements
Optics and optical measurements in general
Optoelectronics. Laser equipment
Organic acids
Organic chemicals
Organic chemicals in general
Organic coatings
Organic nitrogen compounds
Other agricultural machines and equipment
Other animal produce
Other aspects related to EMC
Other audio, video and audiovisual equipment
Other buildings
Other capacitors
Other cells and batteries
Other chipless working equipment
Other commercial vehicles
Other components and systems of internal combustion engines
Other components for electrical equipment
Other construction materials
Other continuous handling equipment
Other cutting tools
Other data storage devices
Other electrical accessories
Other electrical equipment for working in special conditions
Other electromechanical components
Other elements of buildings
Other equipment for entertainment
Other equipment for petroleum and natural gas industries
Other equipment for radiocommunications
Other equipment for telecommunication systems
Other equipment related to power transmission and distribution networks
Other fasteners
Other fasteners
Other fibre optic equipment
Other flexible drives and transmissions
Other fluid power system components
Other fluid storage devices
Other forms of transport
Other graphical symbols
Other hand-held tools
Other industrial automation systems
Other inorganic chemicals
Other installations in buildings
Other insulating fluids
Other insulating materials
Other iron and steel products
Other kitchen equipment
Other lifting equipment
Other machine tool systems
Other machine tools
Other materials
Other materials for the reinforcement of composites
Other medical equipment
Other metalliferous minerals
Other methods of testing of metals
Other milk products
Other mining equipment
Other mobile services
Other non-ferrous metals and their alloys
Other organic chemicals
Other paint ingredients
Other paper products
Other pesticides and agrochemicals
Other pipeline components
Other products of non-ferrous metals
Other products of the textile industry
Other protective equipment
Other resistors
Other road vehicle systems
Other rubber and plastics products
Other semiconductor devices
Other services
Other shop fittings
Other sports equipment and facilities
Other standards related to acoustics
Other standards related to aids for disabled and handicapped people
Other standards related to air quality
Other standards related to analytical chemistry
Other standards related to ceramics
Other standards related to cinematography
Other standards related to company organization and management
Other standards related to electricity and magnetism
Other standards related to environmental protection
Other standards related to farm buildings and installations
Other standards related to farming and forestry
Other standards related to freight distribution of goods
Other standards related to graphic technology
Other standards related to insulation
Other standards related to laboratory medicine
Other standards related to lamps
Other standards related to leather technology
Other standards related to linear and angular measurements
Other standards related to microbiology
Other standards related to nuclear energy
Other standards related to optics and optical measurements
Other standards related to pharmaceutics
Other standards related to photography
Other standards related to protection against fire
Other standards related to protection against fire
Other standards related to protection of and in buildings
Other standards related to quality
Other standards related to road engineering
Other standards related to rotating machinery
Other standards related to shafts and couplings
Other standards related to shipbuilding and marine structures
Other standards related to soil quality
Other standards related to sterilization and disinfection
Other standards related to technical drawings
Other standards related to thermodynamics
Other standards related to wastes
Other standards related to water quality
Other structures
Other switchgear and controlgear
Other telecommunication terminal equipment
Other textile fibres
Other textile machinery
Other time-measuring instruments
Other treatments and coatings
Other tyres
Other valves
Other wood-based panels
Other woodworking equipment
Outdoor and water sports equipment
Packaging and distribution of goods
Packaging and distribution of goods (Vocabularies)
Packaging machinery
Packaging machinery
Packaging machinery
Packaging materials and accessories
Paging systems
Paint and colour industries
Paint and colour industries (Vocabularies)
Paint coating equipment
Paint coating processes
Paint ingredients
Paint ingredients in general
Paints and varnishes
Paper and board
Paper and board insulating materials
Paper and board insulating materials
Paper and plastics capacitors
Paper cards and tapes
Paper production processes
Paper products
Paper products in general
Paper technology
Paper technology (Vocabularies)
Particle size analysis. Sieving
Passenger and cabin equipment
Passenger cars. Caravans and light trailers
Pesticides and other agrochemicals
Pesticides and other agrochemicals in general
Petroleum ? Waxes, bituminous materials and other petroleum products Pet
Petroleum ? Waxes, bituminous materials and other petroleum products Pet
Petroleum and related technologies
Petroleum and related technologies (Vocabularies)
Petroleum products and natural gas handling equipment
Petroleum products and natural gas handling equipment
Pharmaceutics in general
Photographic chemicals
Photographic equipment. Projectors
Photographic paper, films and plates. Cartridges
Photography in general
Physical layer
Physical properties of soils
Physicochemical methods of analysis
Physics. Chemistry
Piezoelectric devices
Pigments and extenders
Pins, nails
Pins, nails
Pipeline components and pipelines
Pipeline components and pipelines in general
Pipes and fittings of other materials
Piping and couplings
Piping systems
Plain bearings
Planing machines
Plant care equipment
Plant growing
Plants and equipment for the food industry
Plastics and rubber insulating materials
Plastics fittings
Plastics in general
Plastics pipes
Plastics pipes and fittings for non fluid use
Plug-and-socket devices. Connectors
Plugs, socket -outlets, couplers
Pneumatic tools
Pneumatic transport and its components
Pollution, pollution control and conservation
Postal services
Potentiometers, variable resistors
Poultry and eggs
Powder metallurgy
Power capacitors
Power stations in general
Power stations in general
Power transmission and distribution lines
Power transmission and distribution networks
Power transmission and distribution networks in general
Powerline telecommunications
Precision mechanics
Precision mechanics. Jewellery
Precision mechanics. Jewellery (Vocabularies)
Prepackaged and prepared foods
Presentation layer
Pressure charging and air/exhaust gas ducting systems
Pressure regulators
Primary cells and batteries
Printed circuits and boards
Processes and auxiliary materials
Processes in the glass and ceramics industries
Processes of the textile industry
Processing equipment
Product and company certification. Conformity assessment
Product life-cycles
Production in the chemical industry
Production of metals
Production. Production management
Products in fibre-reinforced cement
Products of non-ferrous metals
Products of non-ferrous metals in general
Products of the textile industry
Properties of surfaces
Protection against crime
Protection against dangerous goods
Protection against dangerous goods
Protection against electric shock. Live working
Protection against excessive pressure
Protection against falling and slipping
Protection against fire
Protection against fire in general
Protection against fire in general
Protection of and in buildings
Protection of and in buildings in general
Protective clothing
Protective equipment
Protective equipment in general
Public buildings
Public information symbols
Pumps and motors
Purchasing. Procurement. Logistics
Quality in general
Quality management and quality assurance
Quantities and units
RF connectors
Radiation measurements
Radiation protection
Radio receivers
Radio relay and fixed satellite communications systems
Radiocommunications in general
Radiographic equipment
Radiographic films
Rails and railway components
Railway engineering
Railway engineering (Vocabularies)
Railway engineering in general
Railway rolling stock
Railway rolling stock in general
Raw materials
Raw materials and raw glass
Raw materials for rubber and plastics
Raw materials for rubber and plastics in general
Raw skins, hides and pelts
Reaction vessels and their components
Receiving and transmitting equipment
Rectifiers. Converters. Stabilized power supply
Rectifiers. Converters. Stabilized power supply
Refrigerants and antifreezes
Refrigerating technology
Refrigerating technology
Reinforced plastics
Reproduction equipment
Research and development
Residential buildings
Resistors in general
Respiratory protective devices
Rings, bushes, sleeves, collars
Road construction
Road construction materials
Road engineering
Road engineering in general
Road equipment and installations
Road transport
Road vehicle engineering (Vocabularies)
Road vehicle systems
Road vehicle systems in general
Road vehicle tyres
Road vehicles engineering
Road vehicles in general
Rolling bearings
Rolling, extruding and drawing equipment
Rotary -reciprocating mechanisms and their parts
Rotating machinery
Rotating machinery in general
Rubber and plastic industries
Rubber and plastics
Rubber and plastics industries (Vocabularies)
Rubber and plastics products
Rubber and plastics products in general
Rubber compounding ingredients
Sacks. Bags
Safety of machinery
Sanitary installations
Sawing machines
Screw threads
Screw threads
Screw threads in general
Seagoing vessels
Seals for pipe and hose assemblies
Seals, glands
Seismic and vibration protection
Semi-manufactures of timber
Semiconducting materials
Semiconductor devices
Semiconductor devices in general
Sensory analysis
Services for companies
Services for consumers
Services in general
Services. Company organization, management and quality. Administration. Transport. Sociology
Session layer
Sewage water
Sewing machines and other equipment for the clothing industry
Shafts and couplings
Shafts and couplings in general
Shipbuilding and marine structures
Shipbuilding and marine structures (Vocabularies)
Shipbuilding and marine structures in general
Shop fittings
Shop fittings in general
Small craft
Small kitchen appliances
Soil quality and pedology in general
Soil quality. Pedology
Soil-working equipment
Solar energy engineering
Solid fuel heaters
Solid fuels
Solid wastes
Sowing and planting equipment
Space systems and operations
Special measuring equipment for use in telecommunications
Special purpose vehicles
Special screw threads
Special screw threads
Special wastes
Spices and condiments
Spices and condiments. Food additives
Spinning, twisting and texturing machines
Spools. Bobbins
Sports equipment and facilities
Sports equipment and facilities in general
Sports facilities
Spring steels
Stainless steels
Standardization. General rules
Starch and derived products
Stationary containers and tanks
Stationary source emissions
Steel bars and rods
Steel pipes and tubes for specific use
Steel profiles
Steel wire, wire ropes and link chains
Steels for pressure purposes
Steels for reinforcement of concrete
Steels with special magnetic properties
Sterilization and disinfection
Sterilization and disinfection in general
Sterilized packaging
Sterilized packaging
Sterilizing equipment
Storage equipment
Storing. Warehousing
Street lighting and related equipment
Structure and structure elements
Structures of buildings
Structures of buildings in general
Substations. Surge arresters
Sugar and sugar products
Sugar. Sugar products. Starch
Superconductivity and conducting materials
Surface active agents
Surface preparation
Surface treatment
Surface treatment and coating
Surface treatment and coating in general
Surgical instruments and materials
Switchgear and controlgear
Switchgear and controlgear in general
Switching and signalling systems
Syringes, needles and catheters
Tantalum electrolytic capacitors
Taps and threading dies
Tea. Coffee. Cocoa
Technical aspects
Technical drawings
Technical drawings for telecommunications and information technology fields
Technical drawings in general
Technical product documentation
Telecommunication services. Applications
Telecommunication systems
Telecommunication systems in general
Telecommunication terminal equipment
Telecommunication terminal equipment in general
Telecommunications. Audio and video engineering
Telecommunications. Audio and video engineering (Vocabularies)
Telecontrol. Telemetering
Telecontrol. Telemetering
Telephone equipment
Telephone networks
Television and radio broadcasting
Television receivers
Temperature-measuring instruments
Terminal ? IT terminal and other peripheral equipment Ter
Terminology (principles and coordination)
Terracotta building products
Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA)
Test conditions and procedures in general
Testing (Vocabularies)
Testing of metals
Testing of metals in general
Textile and leather technology
Textile and leather technology (Vocabularies)
Textile auxiliary materials
Textile fabrics
Textile fibres
Textile fibres in general
Textile floor coverings
Textile machinery
Textile machinery in general
Theatre, stage and studio equipment
Therapy equipment
Thermal and sound insulating materials
Thermal insulation of buildings
Thermodynamics and temperature measurements
Thermodynamics and temperature measurements
Thermodynamics in general
Thermoplastic materials
Thermosetting materials
Timber structures
Tissue paper
Titanium and titanium alloys
Titanium products
Tobacco, tobacco products and related equipment
Tool steels
Tools for planing and broaching machines
Tractive stock
Trade.Commercial function. Marketing
Trailing stock
Transformers. Reactors
Transfusion, infusion and injection equipment
Transmission systems
Transmissions, suspensions
Transport by water
Transport exhaust emissions
Transport in general
Transport layer
Trolleys for supermarket purposes
Trucks and trailers
Tunnel construction
Tunnel construction
Tunnelling and tubing equipment
Turning tools
Tyres for agricultural machinery
Tyres in general
Vacuum technology
Valves in general
Variable capacitors
Varnished fabrics
Vegetables and derived products
Ventilation and air-conditioning systems
Ventilation, air-conditioning and illumination equipment
Ventilators. Fans. Air-conditioners
Vessels and containers mounted on vehicles
Veterinary medicine
Vibration and shock with respect to human beings
Vibrations, shock and vibration measurements
Video systems
Viticultural and wine-making equipment
Volumetric equipment and measurements
Walls. Partitions. Fa?ades
Washers and other locking elements
Washers, locking elements
Wastes in general
Water for industrial use
Water heating equipment
Water of natural resources
Water quality
Water quality in general
Water supply systems
Welded joints and welds
Welding consumables
Welding processes
Welding, brazing and soldering
Welding, brazing and soldering in general
Wind turbine energy systems
Winding machines and equipment
Winter sports equipment
Wires and symmetrical cables
Wood technology
Wood technology (Vocabularies)
Wood technology processes
Wood, sawlogs and sawn timber
Wood-based panels
Wood-based panels in general
Wood-protecting chemicals
Woodworking equipment
Woodworking equipment in general
Woodworking machines
Woodworking tools
Workplace atmospheres
Wound dressings and compresses
Writing and transliteration
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