Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest News Value-added Services

A00 - Standardization and Quality Management
A01 - Technical Management
A02 - Economic Management
A10 - Commerce, Trade and Contract
A11 - Finance and Insurance
A12 - Supply and Use Relation
A13 - File Format
A14 - Library, Archives, Literature and Information
A15 - Film and Photographic Technology
A17 - Printing Technology
A18 - Education, Degree and Title
A19 - Editing and Publication
A20 - Comprehensive Technology
A21 - Environmental Condition and General Test Method
A22 - Terms and Symbols
A24 - Codification
A25 - Human Engineering
A26 - Color
A28 - Sieving, Sieve Plate and Sieve Screen
A29 - Material Protection
A31 - Blasting Technology
A40 - Basic Subject in general
A41 - Mathematics
A42 - Physics and Mechanics
A43 - Chemistry
A44 - Geoscience
A45 - Oceanology
A46 - Astronomy
A47 - Meteorology
A50 - Measurement in general
A51 - Quantity and Unit
A52 - Length Measurement
A53 - Mechanics Measurement
A54 - Thermal Measurement
A55 - Electromagnetic Measurement
A56 - Radio Measurement
A57 - Time and Frequency Measurement
A58 - Ionizating Radiation Measurement
A59 - Acoustic Measurement
A60 - Optical Measurement
A61 - Chemical Measurement
A65 - Metal Chemical Component Standard Substance
A66 - Non-metal Chemical Component Standard Substance
A67 - Physical Standard Substance
A68 - Physical Chemical Component Standard Substance
A69 - Engineering Standard Substance
A75 - Mapping in general
A76 - Geotectonic Mapping and Marine Mapping
A77 - Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
A78 - Precision engineering and cadastral mapping
A79 - Map printing
A80 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage in general
A82 - Packaging material and container
A83 - Packaging method
A84 - Packaging tool
A85 - Container, tray and pallet
A87 - Transport and storage
A88 - Package printing, lead sealing and labeling
A90 - Social and public safety in general
A91 - Guard and alarm system
A92 - Crime judging technology
A94 - Police-used device and tool
B00 - Standardization, quality management
B01 - Technical management
B02 - Economic management
B04 - Basic standards and general methods
B05 - Agriculture and forestry technology
B07 - Computer application
B08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
B09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
B10 - Soil and fertilizer in general
B11 - Water and soil conservation
B13 - Fertilizer and soil conditioner
B15 - Plant protection in general
B16 - Plant quarantine, pest control
B17 - Pesticide management and application method
B18 - Agricultural meteorology
B20 - Cereal crop and forage crop in general
B21 - Seed and seeding
B22 - Cereal crop and product
B23 - Bean, tuber crop and product
B25 - Forage crop
B30 - Cash crop in general
B31 - Melon, fruit and vegetable planting and product
B32 - Fibre crop and product
B33 - Oil crop and product
B34 - Sugar-yielding crop and product
B35 - Tobacco, beverage crop and product
B36 - Aromatics, seasoner crop and product
B38 - Medicinal herb and product
B39 - Other cash crops
B40 - Animal husbandry in general
B41 - Animal quarantine, veterinary and epidemic prevention
B42 - Veterinary and animal husbandry, veterinary appliance
B43 - Domestic animal and poultry
B44 - Domesticate animal
B45 - Livestock and poultry product
B46 - Livestock and poultry feed and additive
B47 - Beekeeping, silkworm keeping
B50 - Aquatic product and fishery in general
B51 - Marine aquaculture and product
B52 - Freshwater aquaculture and product
B53 - Aquatic product refreshment
B54 - Fishery feed
B56 - Tools for aquatic product and fishery
B60 - Basic standard and general method on forestry
B61 - Seed, seedling, seedling nursery
B62 - Ornamental plant
B64 - Forest management technology
B65 - Forest conservation
B66 - Economic forest and byproduct
B67 - Raw bamboo and bamboo wood
B68 - Stem wood and raw wood
B69 - Timber and processed timber
B70 - Artificial board
B71 - Corrosion protection for wood and bamboo
B72 - Forestry chemical raw material
B73 - Charcoal
B90 - Farming and foresting machinery and tools
B91 - Farming machinery and tools
B92 - Stock and poultry raising machinery and tools
B93 - Agricultural products and feed processing machinery
B94 - Fishery machinery and tools
B95 - Silviculture machinery and tools
B96 - Wood logging machinery and tools
B97 - Saw timber, artificial board machinery and tools
C00 - Standardization and quality management
C01 - Technical management
C02 - Economic management
C04 - Basic standards and general methods
C05 - Medical science
C06 - Legal medical expert
C07 - Computer application
C08 - Marking, packaing, transport and storage
C10 - Pharmaceutical in general
C11 - Chinese Pharmacopoeia and volumed drug standards
C12 - Antibiotics
C13 - Sulphonamide, antituberculostatic and other antiinfectives
C14 - Drugs for antipyretic, anodyne, anesthesia and central nervous system
C15 - Drugs for hormone, family planning, antineoplastic and immunosuppression
C16 - Antiparasite, antihistamine, endemic disease medicine and antidote
C17 - Drugs for cardiovascular, respiration and blood system
C18 - Drugs for digestion and urinary system, and acid base equilibrium
C19 - Drugs for diagnostic aids, externally-used sanitizer, ENT and dermatology
C20 - Vitamins, nutrition, amino acid, enzymes and other biochemicals
C21 - Pharmaceutic minor ingredients and others
C23 - Traditional Chinese medicinal materials
C25 - TCM pharmaceutics
C27 - Biological agent and blood products
C30 - Medical apparatus and devices in general
C31 - General and microsurgical devices
C32 - Ophthalmic and ENT surgical devices
C33 - Stomatologic device, equipment and material
C35 - Orthopedic devices
C36 - Other special devices
C37 - General requirements on medical devices
C38 - General examination instrument
C39 - Medical electronic equipment
C40 - Medical optical instrument and endoscope
C41 - Medical ultrasound, laser, high-frequency instrument and equipment
C42 - Physiotherapy and TCM instrument and equipment
C43 - Medical radiographic equipment
C44 - Medical laboratory equipment
C45 - Extracorporeal circulation, artificial organ and prosthesis device
C46 - Surgery devices
C47 - Public medical equipment
C48 - Medical sanitary products
C50 - Sanitation in general
C51 - Environmental sanitation
C52 - Labor sanitation
C53 - Food sanitation
C54 - Food additive and nutrition enhancer sanitation
C55 - Nutrition sanitation
C56 - School sanitation
C57 - Radiological sanitation protection
C60 - Diagnostic standard for occupational diseases
C61 - Diagnostic standard for public nuisance diseases
C62 - Health quarantine
C63 - Maternity and child hygiene, family planning technology
C65 - Labor safety technology in general
C66 - Safety control technology
C67 - Factory fire and blast protection technology
C68 - Production equipment safety technology
C69 - Safety requirements on protection equipment
C70 - Industrial dust and gas prevention technology
C71 - Industrial physical hazard control
C72 - Production environment safety and health facilities
C73 - Articles for labor protection
C75 - Labor protection management in general
C76 - Working time, vacation and workwomen, underage worker protection
C77 - Safety and health skill assessment
C78 - Safety and health management
C80 - Fire-fighting in general
C81 - Fire monitoring, alarming and fire-fighting dispatching system
C82 - Fire protection technology
C83 - Fire extinction technology
C84 - Fire-fighting equipment and devices
C85 - Fire-fighting survival and auxiliary tools
C90 - Pharmaceutical, safety machinery and tool in general
C91 - Raw pharmaceutical material processing machinery and equipment
C92 - Pharmaceutical processing machinery and equipment
C93 - Medicinal materials pickoff and Chinese medicine processing machinery
C94 - Pharmaceutical safety monitoring instrument
C95 - Drug testing instrument
D00 - Standardization and quality management
D01 - Technical management
D02 - Economic management
D04 - Basic standard and general method
D07 - Computer application
D08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
D09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
D10 - Geological mineral survey and development in general
D11 - Solid fuel ore survey
D12 - Metal ore survey
D13 - Nontechnical ore survey
D14 - Hydrogeological survey
D15 - Mining
D16 - Mineral processing
D18 - Mine haulage
D20 - Solid fuel ore in general
D21 - Coal analysis methods
D22 - Coal for vehicle, vessel and coal gas
D23 - Coal for power station and industrial boiler
D24 - Coal for coking, chemical and building materials
D26 - Coal petrography
D27 - Coal dressing
D28 - Oil shale
D30 - Ferrous metal ore in general
D31 - Iron ore
D32 - Manganese ore
D33 - Chrome ore
D40 - Non-ferrous metal ores in general
D41 - Light metal ore
D42 - Heavy metal ore
D43 - Rare metal ore
D45 - Radioactive metal ore
D46 - Precious metal ore
D50 - Non-metal ore in general
D51 - Chemical raw material ore
D52 - Metallurgical auxiliary material ore
D53 - Building material raw material ore
D54 - Clay, light-weight material non-metal ore
D58 - Special non-metal ore
D59 - Other non-metal ore
D80 - Geological exploration equipment in general
D81 - Geological exploration equipment
D82 - Geophysical search equipment
D84 - Geochemical exploration equipment
D90 - Mining machinery equipment in general
D91 - Shaft building equipment
D92 - Mining equipment
D93 - Promotion, storage and transportation equipment
D94 - Crushing and grinding equipment
D95 - Screening equipment
D96 - Washing equipment
D97 - Mine support equipment
D98 - Coal mine special equipment
E00 - Standardization and quality management
E01 - Technical management
E02 - Economic management
E04 - Basic standard and general method
E07 - Computer application
E08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
E09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
E10 - Petroleum exploration, development, gathering and transportation engineering in general
E11 - Petroleum geology exploration
E12 - Petroleum development
E13 - Petroleum drilling
E14 - Petroleum extraction
E15 - Offshore petroleum operation
E16 - Petroleum and gas gathering and transportation
E20 - Petroleum and natural gas in general
E21 - Crude petroleum
E22 - Artificial petroleum
E24 - Natural gas
E30 - Petroleum products in general
E31 - Fuel oil
E33 - Solvent oil
E34 - Lubricating oil
E36 - Lubricating grease
E38 - Insulating oil
E39 - Hydraulic fluid
E40 - Synthetic grease
E41 - Vacuum grease and anti-rust grease
E42 - Petroleum wax
E43 - Petroleum asphalt
E44 - Petroleum coke
E45 - Process oil
E46 - Coal gas
E49 - Other petroleum products
E60 - Petroleum products additive in general
E61 - Additives
E90 - Petroleum exploration, development, gathering and transportation equipment in general
E91 - Petroleum exploration logging equipment and instrument
E92 - Petroleum drilling & production equipment and instrument
E94 - Offshore petroleum operation equipment
E97 - Oil and gas processing equipment
E98 - Oil and gas gathering and transportation equipment
F00 - Standardization and quality management
F01 - Technical management
F02 - Economic management
F04 - Basic standards and general method
F07 - Computer application
F08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
F09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
F10 - Energy in general
F11 - Wind energy
F12 - Solar energy
F13 - Biomass energy
F14 - Ocean energy
F15 - Geothermal energy
F19 - New energy and others
F21 - Electric power system
F22 - Electric power system equipment installation testing
F23 - Power plant and electric power system operating maintenance
F24 - Electric power testing technique
F25 - Electric power safety monitor
F29 - Others
F30 - Electric power in general
F40 - Nuclear material and nuclear fuel in general
F46 - Nuclear material, nuclear fuel and their analytical test method
F48 - Nuclear fuel element and its analytical test method
F49 - Nuclear material, nuclear fuel producing & processing equipment and facility
F50 - Isotope and radioactive sources in general
F51 - Radioactive sources
F53 - Isotope labelling compounds
F54 - Medical isotopes
F60 - Nuclear reactor in general
F61 - Research and test reactor
F62 - Production reactor
F63 - Power reactor
F64 - Heating reactor
F65 - Nuclear island of nuclear power plant
F68 - Decommissioning of nuclear power plant
F69 - Nuclear reactor and nuclear island equipment of nuclear power plant
F70 - Radiation protection and monitoring in general
F72 - Nuclear facilities radiation safety
F73 - Environmental radiation protection and nuclear medicine protection
F74 - Radiation protection detection and evaluation
F75 - Radioactive three wastes treatment
F77 - Nuclear radiation accident emergency and treatment
F79 - Safety appliance and equipment
F80 - Nuclear instrument and detector in general
F81 - General nuclear instrument
F82 - Nuclear instrument for reactor
F83 - Distribution equipment for reactor and nuclear power plant safety
F84 - Radiation protection instrument
F85 - Nuclear instrument for exploration mining and technological detection
F86 - Radioactive isotope application instrument
F87 - Medical nuclear instrument
F88 - Nuclear detector
F90 - Low energy accelerator in general
F91 - Medical accelerator
F92 - Accelerator for agriculture and industry
G00 - Standardization and quality management
G01 - Technical management
G02 - Economic management
G04 - Basic standards and general methods
G07 - Computer application
G08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
G09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
G10 - Inorganic chemicals in general
G11 - Inorganic acid and alkali
G12 - Inorganic salt
G13 - Oxide and elementary substance
G14 - Other inorganic chemicals
G15 - Organic chemicals in general
G16 - Basic organic chemicals
G17 - General organic chemicals
G18 - Coal tar processed products
G20 - Basic standards and general methods on chemical fertilizers
G21 - Chemical fertilizer and chemical soil conditioner
G23 - Basic standards and general methods for pesticides
G24 - Pesticide midbody
G25 - Pesticide
G26 - Plant growth accelerant
G30 - Synthetic materials in general
G31 - Basic standards and general methods for synthetic resin and plastic
G32 - Synthetic resin and plastic
G33 - Plastic profile
G34 - Basic standard and general method for synthetic rubber
G35 - Synthetic rubber
G38 - Basic standards and general methods for adhesives
G39 - Adhesives
G40 - Rubber products in general
G41 - Tyre
G42 - Rubber tube, rubber belt and tape
G43 - Rubber seal
G44 - Latex products
G45 - Medical and foodstuff rubber products
G47 - Other rubber products
G48 - Reclaimed rubber
G49 - Carbon black
G50 - Basic standard and general method for coating
G51 - Coating
G52 - Coating auxiliary materials
G53 - Basic standard and general method for pigment
G54 - Pigment
G55 - Basic standards and general methods for dye
G56 - Dye intermediate
G57 - Dye
G60 - Chemical reagent in general
G61 - Reference reagent
G62 - General inorganic reagent
G63 - General organic reagent and solvent
G64 - Reagent and substance of high purity
G65 - Indicator and specific reagent
G66 - Biochemical reagent and clinical analysis reagent
G67 - Instrument analysis reagent
G68 - Other reagents
G70 - Basic standards and general methods for chemical additive
G71 - Chemical additive
G72 - Basic standards and general methods for surface active agent
G73 - Surface active agent
G74 - Basic standards and general methods for catalyst
G75 - Catalyst
G76 - Basic standards and general methods for water treatment agent
G77 - Water treatment agent
G80 - Basic standards and general methods for photosensitive material
G81 - Photosensitive material
G82 - Basic standards and general methods for magnetic recording material
G83 - Magnetic recording material
G84 - Photographic-grade chemicals
G85 - Other chemical products in general
G86 - Industrial gas and chemical gas
G89 - Chemical product
G90 - Chemical machinery and equipment in general
G91 - Chemical machinery and equipment parts
G92 - Chemical machinery
G93 - Chemical equipment
G94 - Non-metal chemical machinery equipment
G95 - Machinery for rubber and plastic
G96 - Machinery for sensitive material and magnetic tape
G98 - Special chemical instrument and meter
H00 - Standardization and quality management
H01 - Technical management
H02 - Economic management
H04 - Basic standards and general methods
H05 - Structural element
H07 - Computer application
H08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
H09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
H10 - Metallochemistry analysis method in general
H11 - Steel and iron alloy analysis method
H12 - Light metals and their alloys analysis method
H13 - Heavy metals and their alloys analysis method
H14 - Rare metals and their alloys analysis method
H15 - Precious metals and its alloy analysis method
H16 - Powder metallurgy analysis method
H17 - Semimetal and semiconductor material analysis method
H18 - Chain drive, belt drive and key joint
H19 - Coupling, brake and speed variator
H20 - Metal physical and chemical property test method in general
H21 - Metal physical property test method
H22 - Metal mechanical property test method
H23 - Metal processing property test method
H24 - Metallographic testing method
H25 - Metal chemical property test method
H26 - Metal nondestructive testing method
H27 - Operation pieces
H28 - Automatic logistics equipment
H29 - Others
H30 - Metallurgy material and auxiliary material in general
H31 - Artificial rich ore
H32 - Coke
H33 - Welding and cutting
H34 - Beneficiation reagent
H36 - Heat treatment
H38 - Cold processing technology
H39 - Non-traditional processing technology
H40 - Steel and iron products in general
H41 - Pig iron
H42 - Iron alloy
H43 - Steel ingot and billet
H44 - Profile steel and deformed steel
H45 - Combination grippers
H46 - Steel sheet and strip
H47 - Hand tools
H48 - Steel tube and cast iron pipe
H49 - Steel wire and wire rope
H50 - Machine tool in general
H51 - Machine components and parts
H52 - Railway steel
H53 - Electrotechnical steel
H54 - Other steel and iron products
H55 - Grinding machine
H56 - Gear and thread cutting machine
H57 - High temperature alloy
H58 - Precision alloy
H59 - Other special alloys
H60 - Non-ferrous metals and their alloys products in general
H61 - Light metals and their alloys
H62 - Heavy metals and their alloys
H63 - Rare refractory metals and their compounds
H64 - Rare light metals and their alloys
H65 - Rare metals and their alloys
H66 - Rare scattered metals and their alloys
H67 - Radioactive metals and their alloys
H68 - Precious metals and their alloys
H69 - Secondary nonferrous metals and their alloys
H70 - Powder metallurgy in general
H71 - Metal and alloy powder
H72 - Powder metallurgy material and product
H73 - Refrigeration equipment
H74 - Pressure vessels
H75 - Heat-exchange equipment
H76 - Gas separation and liquefaction equipment
H77 - Separating machinery
H78 - Vacuum technique and equipment
H80 - Semimetal and semiconductor material in general
H81 - Semimetal
H82 - Elemental semiconductor material
H83 - Compound semiconductor material
H84 - Rock drilling machinery
H86 - Hydraulic machinery
H87 - Printing machinery
H88 - Environmental protection equipment
H90 - Metallurgical machinery in general
H91 - Coke and knot making equipment
H92 - Metallurgical equipment
H93 - Ingot and blank casting equipment
H94 - Rolling equipment
H95 - Metallurgy heating and heat treatment equipment
H96 - Cooling system and heating equipment
H98 - Boiler and its auxiliary equipment
H99 - Other power equipment
J00 - Standardization and quality management
J01 - Technical management
J02 - Economic management
J04 - Basic standards and general methods
J05 - Structural elements
J07 - Computer application
J08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
J09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
J10 - Universal parts in general
J11 - Rolling bearing
J12 - Sliding bearing
J13 - Fastener
J15 - Pipeline fittings
J16 - Valve
J17 - Gear and gear drive
J18 - Chain drive, belt drive and key joint
J19 - Coupling, brake and speed variator
J20 - Hydraulic and pneumatic device
J21 - Lubrication and lubrication device
J22 - Sealing and sealing device
J24 - Cooling and cooling device
J26 - Spring
J27 - Operation piece
J28 - Automatic logistics equipment
J29 - Others
J30 - Processing technology in general
J31 - Casting
J32 - Forging and pressing
J33 - Welding and cutting
J36 - Heat treatment
J38 - Cold processing technology
J39 - Non-traditional processing technology
J40 - Technological equipment in general
J41 - Cutting tools
J42 - Measuring tool and instrument
J43 - Grinding material and apparatus
J44 - General grippers
J45 - Combination grippers
J46 - Mould
J47 - Hand tool
J48 - Pneumatic tool
J50 - Machine tool in general
J51 - Machine tool element
J52 - Machine tool assistive device and accessory
J53 - Lathe
J54 - Drilling, boring and milling machine
J55 - Grinding machine
J56 - Gear and thread cutting machine
J57 - Slotting, broaching, planing and sawing machines
J58 - Combined machine tool
J59 - Non-traditional processing machine tool
J60 - Universal processing machinery and equipment in general
J61 - Casting equipment
J62 - Metal forming machinery
J64 - Welding and cutting equipment
J65 - Woodworking machine and machine tool
J66 - Heat treatment equipment
J70 - Universal machinery and equipment in general
J71 - Pump
J72 - Compressor and fan
J73 - Refrigeration equipment
J74 - Pressure vessel
J75 - Heat-exchange equipment
J76 - Gas separation and liquefaction equipment
J77 - Separating machinery
J78 - Vacuum technique and equipment
J80 - Hoisting machinery
J81 - Conveying machinery
J83 - Storage equipment and handling machinery
J84 - Rock drilling machinery
J86 - Hydraulic machinery
J87 - Printing machinery
J88 - Environmental protection equipment
J90 - Piston type internal combustion engine and other power equipment in general
J91 - Internal combustion engine and auxiliary equipment
J92 - Engine body and moving parts
J93 - Air intake/exhaust system
J94 - Fuel oil heating system
J95 - Lubricating system
J96 - Cooling system and heating equipment
J98 - Boiler and its auxiliary equipment
J99 - Other power equipment
K00 - Standardization and quality management
K01 - Technical management
K02 - Economic management
K04 - Basic standards and general methods
K05 - Electrical product mechanical structure
K07 - Computer application
K08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
K09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
K10 - Electrotechnical material and universal parts in general
K11 - Bare wire
K12 - Wire with insulation layer
K13 - Cable and its accessory
K14 - Electrician alloy parts
K15 - Electrical insulating material and its products
K16 - Electrical carbon product
K20 - Electric rotating machinery in general
K21 - Synchronous machine
K22 - Asynchronous machine
K23 - DC machine
K24 - Micro machine
K25 - Explosion-proof electric machine
K26 - Special machine
K30 - Low voltage apparatus in general
K31 - Low-voltage distribution electrical equipment
K32 - Control circuit apparatus
K33 - Control relay
K34 - Electrical equipment for special use
K35 - Explosion-proof electric apparatus
K36 - Low-voltage distribution tool
K40 - Electric transmission and transformation equipment in general
K41 - Transformer
K42 - Power capacitor
K43 - High voltage switchgear
K44 - Complete equipment for high voltage device
K45 - Relay protection and automatic device
K46 - Power semiconductor device and parts
K47 - Electric transmission line and equipment
K48 - Insulator
K49 - Lightning arrester
K51 - Power station equipment automation devices
K52 - Generating unit
K54 - Steam turbine and its auxiliary equipment
K55 - Water turbine and its auxiliary equipment
K56 - Gas turbine and its auxiliary equipment
K58 - Internal combustion engine and its auxiliary equipment
K59 - Other generating equipment
K60 - Electrical equipment and tool in general
K61 - Industrial electric heating equipment
K62 - Electric drive control equipment
K63 - Electric traction equipment
K64 - Electric tool
K65 - Other electric appliances
K70 - Electric lighting in general
K71 - Electric light source products
K72 - General lamps
K73 - Special lamps
K74 - Lamp accessories
K80 - Power supply in general
K81 - AC/DC supply units
K82 - Electrochemical power source
K83 - Physical power source
K84 - Electrical energy storage device
K85 - Power supply equipment
K90 - Electrical production equipment in general
K91 - Electrical material production equipment
K92 - Electrical machine production equipment
K93 - Electrical appliance production equipment
K94 - Electrical porcelain production equipment
K95 - Electric light source and lamp production equipment
K96 - Storage battery production equipment
K97 - Other electrical production equipment
L00 - Standardization and quality management
L01 - Technical management
L02 - Economic management
L04 - Basic standards and general methods
L05 - Reliability and maintainability
L06 - Electromagnetic compatibility
L07 - Computer application
L08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
L09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
L10 - Electronic element in general
L11 - Capacitor
L13 - Resistor
L14 - Potentiometer
L15 - Sensitive component and sensor
L17 - Inductor and transformer
L18 - Filter and delay line
L19 - Magnetic component
L21 - Quartz crystal and piezoelectric element
L22 - Switch
L23 - Connector
L24 - Connecting piece for installation and wiring
L25 - Relay and chopper
L26 - Wave guide coaxial component and accessory
L30 - Printed circuit
L31 - Electroacoustic device
L33 - Small and special electrical machine for electronic equipment
L34 - Other electronic components
L35 - Electron tube in general
L36 - Receiving/Originating tube
L37 - Microwave tube
L38 - Electron beam tube
L39 - Other electron tube
L40 - Semiconductor discrete devices in general
L41 - Semiconductor diode
L42 - Semiconductor triode
L43 - Semiconductor rectifier devices
L44 - Field effect device
L45 - Microwave and millimeter wave diode and triode
L46 - Thermoelectric cooling module and device
L47 - Others
L50 - Optoelectronic device assembly
L51 - Laser device
L52 - Infrared device
L53 - Semiconductor emitting device
L54 - Semiconductor photosensing device
L55 - Microcircuit in general
L56 - Semiconductor integrated circuit
L57 - Film integrated circuit
L58 - Hybrid integrated circuit
L59 - Micromodule
L60 - Computer in general
L61 - Design and quality evaluation of computer
L62 - Computer equipment
L63 - Computer peripherals
L64 - Data medium
L65 - System equipment interface
L66 - Computer controlled tool
L67 - Computer application
L70 - Information processing technology in general
L71 - Code, character set and character recognition
L72 - Data element representing method
L73 - Information processing system design and documentation
L74 - Program language
L75 - Label and file structure
L76 - Text preparation and communication
L77 - Software engineering
L78 - Data information
L79 - Opening and system interconnection of computer
L80 - Data encryption
L81 - Computer graphic
L85 - Electronic measurement and equipment in general
L86 - Universal electronic measuring instrument, equipment and system
L87 - Instrument and equipment for electronic test
L88 - Other electronic instrument and equipment
L89 - Power supply and power supply unit
L90 - Special electronic technology material
L91 - Conductor and cable for electronic equipment
L92 - Insulating parts for electronic equipment
L93 - Metal parts for electronic equipment
L94 - Mechanical structural member for electronic equipment
L95 - Electronic industry production equipment in general
L96 - Surface protection equipment
L97 - Dedicated processing equipment
L98 - Dedicated inspection equipment
L99 - Other production equipment
M00 - Standardization and quality management
M01 - Technical management
M02 - Economic management
M04 - Basic standards and general methods
M05 - Universal parts and line materials
M07 - Computer application
M08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
M09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
M10 - Communication network in general
M11 - Communication network technical system
M12 - Communication network number, signal and connection
M13 - Communication network architecture
M14 - Communication network transmission system interface
M15 - Communication network performance index and testing
M16 - Information transmission index
M17 - Arrangement of transmission system group and frequency spectrum
M18 - Communication equipment capacity series
M19 - Telecommunication technical requirements and interface
M20 - Communication switcher program control language
M21 - Telecommunication services
M30 - Communication equipment in general
M31 - Carrier communication equipment
M32 - Data communication equipment
M33 - Optical communication equipment
M34 - Microwave communication equipment
M35 - Satellite communication equipment
M36 - Radio communication equipment
M37 - Mobile communication equipment
M38 - Digital communication equipment
M39 - Facsimile telegraph equipment
M40 - Telephone communication equipment
M41 - Telecommunication power supply equipment
M42 - Communication line and equipment
M50 - Radar, navigation, remote control, remote measuring and antenna synthesis
M51 - Antenna and its feeder
M53 - Radar, navigation equipment and system
M54 - Remote control and remote measuring equipment and system
M57 - Electronic system engineering
M58 - Dedicated carriage and shelter for electronic equipment
M60 - Broadcasting and television network in general
M61 - Broadcasting and television system
M62 - Broadcasting and television network structure
M63 - Program transmission
M64 - Program transmission system interface
M70 - Broadcasting and television equipment in general
M71 - Recording equipment
M72 - Sound and electronic sound equipment
M73 - Video and pulse system equipment
M74 - Broadcasting and television transmission and receiving equipment
M75 - Satellite broadcasting equipment
M76 - Industrial and educational television
M79 - Broadcasting and television equipment maintenance
M80 - Postal service in general
M81 - Post network system
M82 - Postal machinery
M83 - Postal packaging
M84 - Postal instrument
M85 - Postal code, postal hub internal technological process
M90 - Communication and broadcasting equipment manufacturing machine in general
M91 - Communication equipment manufacturing machine and tool
M92 - Antenna, radar, navigation, remote control equipment manufacturing machine and engineering
M93 - Broadcasting and television equipment manufacturing machine and tool
N00 - Standardization and quality management
N01 - Technical management
N02 - Economic management
N04 - Basic standards and general methods
N05 - Material and component for instrument and meter
N06 - Technology and technological equipment
N07 - Computer application
N08 - Marking, packaging, transportation and storage
N09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
N10 - Industrial automation and control device in general
N11 - Temperature and pressure instrument
N12 - Flow capacity and material level instrument
N13 - Mechanical quantity instrument, automatic weighing equipment and other measuring instrument
N14 - Display recording instrument
N15 - Monitoring instrument
N16 - Actuator
N17 - Automatic control and remote control equipment
N18 - Industrial control and computer application equipment
N19 - Other automation devices
N20 - Electrical instrument and meter in general
N21 - Electrical logging simulation indicating instrument
N22 - Electric energy measurement and load control system
N23 - Digital display instrument
N24 - Magnetic measurement instrument
N25 - AC/DC electrical instrument recording instrument
N26 - Integrated test system
N27 - Recording instrument and light oscillograph
N28 - Extensive magnitude and exchanger
N29 - Electrical parametric test and power supply unit
N30 - Optical instrument in general
N31 - Telescope, geodetic survey and aerial survey instrumentation
N32 - Magnifier and microscope
N33 - Electron optics and other physical optics instrument
N34 - Optical metrological instrument
N35 - Optical testing instrument
N38 - Optical equipment
N40 - Movie, photo, micro and copier equipment in general
N41 - Film making equipment
N42 - Projection equipment and its accessory
N43 - Lens
N44 - Test equipment and test plate instrument
N45 - Projector and slide projector
N46 - Camera and photograph instrument
N47 - Micro and copier machinery
N50 - Material composition analysis instrument and environment detection instrument in general
N51 - Physical property analyzer
N52 - chromatograph
N53 - Electrochemical, thermochemistry and optical profile type analyzer
N54 - Mass spectrometer, liquid spectrometer, energy spectrometer and combined devices of them
N55 - Other material composition analyzer
N56 - Environmental monitoring instrument and its complete equipment
N60 - Laboratory instrument and vacuum instrument in general
N61 - Basic laboratory equipment
N62 - Deformeter, casting instrument and dynamic test instrument
N63 - Soil and crop test instrument
N64 - Laboratory glass, ceramic and plastic vessel
N65 - Acoustic instrument and seismograph
N67 - Microscopic test and other laboratory instruments
N68 - Vacuum testing instrument and equipment
N70 - Testing machine and nondestructive flaw detector in general
N71 - Metal material testing machine
N72 - Nonmetal material testing machine
N73 - Mechanical vibration, impact equipment and dynamic balancing machine
N74 - Force and deformation test instrument
N75 - Technology and packaging testing machine
N77 - Ultrasonic wave and sound radiation defectoscope
N78 - X ray, magnetic powder, fluorescent light and other defectoscope
N91 - Earth science instrument
N92 - Oceanographic instrumentation
N93 - Hydrology and water conservancy instrument
N94 - Astronomical instrument
N95 - Meteorological instrument
N96 - Time measurement instrument
P00 - Standardization and quality management
P01 - Technical management
P02 - Economic management
P04 - Basic standards and general methods
P07 - Computer application
P09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
P10 - Engineering investigation and geotechnical engineering in general
P11 - Engineering survey
P12 - Engineering hydrology
P13 - Engineering location, hydrogeological survey and geotechnical engineering
P14 - Engineering geophysical exploration and remote sensing exploration survey
P15 - Engineering seismic resistance
P16 - Engineering fire protection
P18 - Civil air defense works
P20 - Engineering structure in general
P21 - Earthwork and tunneling works
P22 - Subgrade and foundation engineering
P23 - Timber engineering
P24 - Masonry engineering
P25 - Concrete structure engineering
P26 - Metal structure engineering
P27 - Composite structure engineering
P28 - Bridge and culvert engineering
P30 - Industrial and civil construction engineering in general
P31 - Architectural physics
P32 - Building construction and decoration engineering
P33 - Residential and public building engineering
P34 - Industrial construction engineering
P35 - Agriculture, forestry, husbandry and fishery construction engineering
P36 - Building maintenance engineering
P40 - Water supply and draining engineering in general
P41 - Outdoor water supply and draining engineering
P42 - Building water supply and draining engineering
P45 - Heat supply, air supply, air conditioning and refrigerating engineering in general
P46 - Heat supply and heating engineering
P47 - Gas supply engineering
P48 - Ventilation and air conditioning engineering
P49 - Refrigerating engineering
P50 - Urban and rural planning
P51 - Urban traffic engineering
P52 - Ropeway engineering
P53 - Landscaping and city appearance sanitation
P55 - Water conservancy and water power engineering in general
P56 - Watershed planning and river regulating engineering
P57 - Irrigation drainage and soil and water conservation engineering
P58 - Flood control and waterlogging drainage engineering
P59 - Water power engineering
P60 - Electric power engineering in general
P61 - Power station engineering
P62 - Power transmission and transformation engineering
P63 - Power supply and distribution engineering
P64 - Nuclear industry engineering
P65 - Railway engineering
P66 - Highway engineering
P67 - Port and waterway engineering
P68 - Aviation and aerospace engineering
P70 - Mine and coal engineering
P71 - Petroleum engineering
P72 - Petrochemical and chemical industry engineering
P73 - Metallurgical industry engineering
P74 - Building material industry engineering
P75 - Forestry industry engineering
P76 - Communication engineering
P77 - Broadcasting, movie and television engineering
P80 - Machinery and instrument manufacturing industry engineering
P82 - Electronic manufacturing industry engineering
P83 - Shipping industry engineering
P84 - Explosive and initiator industry engineering
P85 - Agriculture and animal husbandry and agricultural reclamation engineering
P86 - Forestry engineering
P87 - Aquatic product and fishery engineering
P88 - Light industry engineering
P89 - Textile industry engineering
P90 - Industrial equipment installation engineering in general
P91 - Electrical construction installation engineering
P92 - Telecommunication equipment installation engineering
P93 - Mechanical equipment installation engineering
P94 - Metal equipment and process pipe installation engineering
P95 - Construction machinery and equipment in general
P96 - Operating equipment, instrument and meter
P97 - Architectural engineering construction machinery
P98 - Hydraulic engineering construction machinery and equipment
PP81 - Electrical manufacturing industry engineering
Q00 - Standardization and quality management
Q01 - Technical management
Q02 - Economic management
Q04 - Basic standards and general methods
Q07 - Computer application
Q08 - Marking, packaging, transportation and storage
Q09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
Q10 - Building materials products in general
Q11 - Cement
Q12 - Cement composite material and additives
Q13 - Concrete, aggregate, plaster and mortar
Q14 - Concrete product
Q15 - Wall
Q17 - Roof and pavement waterproof and barrier material
Q18 - Decorative material
Q20 - Road material
Q21 - Masonry product
Q22 - Constructional plastics product
Q23 - Fibre reinforced composites
Q24 - Sealing material
Q25 - Heat insulation, sound absorption, light fireproof material
Q27 - Binding material
Q30 - Ceramic and glass in general
Q31 - Building sanitary ceramics
Q32 - Special ceramics
Q33 - Building glass
Q34 - Industrial technical glass
Q35 - Quartz glass
Q36 - Glass fibre
Q37 - Special glass
Q38 - Cast stone
Q40 - Fireproof material in general
Q41 - Siliceous refractory
Q42 - Argillaceous and high alumina fire resistance
Q43 - Basic refractory
Q44 - Special refractory
Q45 - Shaped insulating refractory
Q46 - Unshaped refractory
Q47 - Refractory fibre
Q49 - Other refractory material
Q50 - Carbon material in general
Q51 - Graphite material
Q52 - Carbon material
Q53 - Special carbon material
Q60 - Other non-metal mine product in general
Q61 - Asbestos material
Q62 - Gypsum product
Q63 - Mica splitting and product
Q64 - Talcum material
Q65 - Artificial lens
Q69 - Other non-metal mine product
Q70 - Building members, accessories and equipment in general
Q71 - Wood components and accessories
Q72 - Concrete components and accessories
Q73 - Metal components and accessories
Q74 - Plastic components and accessorie
Q75 - Indoor fixed equipment and instrument
Q76 - Building heating and ventilation and air conditioning instrument and equipment
Q77 - Building electrical equipment and disaster prevention equipment and instrument
Q78 - Elevator
Q80 - Public and municipal construction equipment in general
Q81 - Water supply and draining instrument and equipment
Q82 - Air supply instrument and equipment
Q83 - Heat supply instrument and equipment
Q84 - Urban traffic facility
Q85 - Urban highway equipment and facility
Q86 - City appearance sanitary equipment and facility
Q87 - Garden animal and plant and their equipment
Q90 - Building material machinery and equipment in general
Q91 - Brick and tile making equipment
Q92 - Cement and cement product equipment
Q93 - Equipment for glass and glass fiber
Q94 - Ceramic equipment
Q95 - Refractory material equipment
Q96 - Carbon product equipment
Q99 - Other building material equipment
R00 - Standardization and quality management
R01 - Technical management
R02 - Economic management
R04 - Basic standards and general methods
R06 - Transportation material consumption and energy conservation
R07 - Computer application
R08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
R09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
R10 - Highway transportation in general
R11 - Passenger traffic
R12 - Freight traffic
R13 - Highway container transport and unitized transport
R14 - Cargo handling
R15 - Warehouse and storage yard operation and management
R16 - Highway vehicle utilization, maintenance and service
R17 - Highway vehicle servicing installation
R18 - Highway protection and maintenance
R19 - Highway maintenance machinery and its utilization and service
R20 - Waterway transportation
R21 - Ship handling and turbine management
R22 - Ship navigation safety and transmission safety standards
R24 - Passenger transport
R25 - Freight transport
R26 - Waterway container transport and unitized transport
R27 - Hover marine transportation
R28 - Management, utilization and service of marine communication and navigation equipment
R29 - Management, utilization and service of shore station communication equipment
R30 - Ship maintenance and service in general
R31 - Ship hull and outfitting maintenance and service
R32 - Marine auxiliary machinery and pipeline fittings maintenance and service
R33 - Dedicated ship maintenance and service equipment
R34 - Repair and maintennance of marine eletrical, observiation and navigation equipment
R40 - Port handling in general
R41 - Port job scheduling
R42 - Port communication and navigation
R43 - Port handling operation
R44 - Port warehouse and storage yard operation and management
R45 - Dedicated port facilities
R46 - Port handling machinery and accessory
R50 - Rescue, salvage and diving in general
R51 - Rescue and salvage
R52 - Underwater environmental condition and test method
R53 - Diving and its physiological condition
R54 - Underwater service
R55 - Diving equipment
R56 - Salvage equipment
R60 - Navigation channel and mark in general
R61 - Navigation channel management and maintenance
R62 - Navigation mark product
R63 - Navigation mark setting and operating
R64 - Navigation mark management and service
R80 - Traffic control in general
R81 - Traffic accident management
R82 - Vehicle management
R84 - Traffic order management
R85 - Traffic information management
R86 - Traffic safety detecting equipment
R87 - Traffic control system
S00 - Standardization and quality management
S01 - Technical management
S02 - Economic management
S04 - Basic standards and general methods
S05 - Materials
S06 - Railway insignia and uniform
S07 - Computer application
S09 - Safety, hygiene and labor protection
S10 - Railway construction equipment in general
S11 - Railway components
S12 - Turnout and steel rail expansion piece
S13 - Bridge, culvert and tunnel components
S14 - Station and section equipment
S16 - Railway construction product manufacturing equipment
S17 - Railway construction product maintenance and service
S19 - Railway construction machinery
S20 - Railway construction machinery manufacturing process and equipment
S21 - Railway construction machinery utilization and service
S22 - Railway maintenance machinery
S23 - Railway maintenance machinery manufacturing process and equipment
S24 - Railway maintenance machinery utilization and service
S30 - General rolling stock standards in general
S31 - Car coupler and shock absorber
S32 - Braking system
S33 - Moving parts
S34 - Universal parts
S35 - Electric traction equipment
S38 - Locomotive manufacturing equipment
S39 - Locomotive repair technology and equipment
S40 - Locomotives in general
S41 - Electric locomotives
S42 - Diesel locomotives
S43 - Steam locomotives
S45 - Mining electric locomotives
S46 - Mining diesel locomotives
S49 - Other locomotives
S50 - Railway vehicles in general
S51 - Railway passenger coaches
S52 - Railway trucks
S53 - Railway special vehicles
S55 - Standard-gauge mining railway vehicles
S56 - Narrow gauge mining railway vehicles
S60 - Railway signals in general
S61 - Signal equipment
S62 - Station interlocking
S63 - Blocking systems and axle counters
S64 - Remote control and communication
S65 - Humping equipment
S68 - Signal product manufacturing equipment
S69 - Signal repair technology and equipment
S70 - Railway communication in general
S71 - Railway communication network
S72 - Train broadcast and television
S73 - Railway communication equipment
S78 - Manufacturing and equipment of communication products
S79 - Communication repair technology and equipment
S80 - Traction power supply in general
S81 - Traction substation
S82 - Fittings for overhead contact system
S83 - Equipment for manufacturing of traction power supply products
S84 - Traction power supply repair technology and equipment
S90 - Railway transport in general
S91 - Combined transport
S92 - Passenger transport
S93 - Freight transport
S94 - Plant and mine transport
S97 - Railway handling machinery
S98 - Manufacturing equipment of railway handling machinery
S99 - Use and repair of railway handling machinery
T00 - Standardization and quality management
T01 - Technical management
T02 - Economic management
T04 - Basic standards and general methods
T05 - Special materials and their products
T06 - Process and tooling
T07 - Computer application
T08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
T09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
T10 - Automotive engines in general
T11 - Engines and accessory devices
T12 - Engine body and moving parts
T13 - Intake, exhaust and fuel supply systems
T14 - Lubrication and cooling systems; heating devices
T20 - Automobile chassis and vehicle body in general
T21 - Transmission system
T22 - Bearing system
T23 - Steering and operation systems
T24 - Braking system
T25 - Chassis and other assemblies
T26 - Vehicle body (cab) and accessories
T27 - Passenger cabinet
T28 - Front sheet metal lagging
T30 - Universal vehicle parts in general
T31 - Fasteners
T32 - Plug screws, pipe fittings
T33 - Lubricating parts, seals and connecting pieces
T34 - Others
T35 - Electronic/electrical equipment and instruments for vehicle in general
T36 - Electronic and electrical equipment
T37 - Ignition device
T38 - Lighting and signaling equipment
T39 - Instruments and test devices for vehicle
T40 - Automobiles in general
T41 - Car
T42 - Bus
T43 - Truck
T44 - Offroad vehicle
T45 - Towing vehicle
T46 - Dump truck
T47 - New energy vehicle and other automobiles
T50 - Special automobiles in general
T51 - Specialized municipal automobile
T52 - Life service automobile
T53 - Engineering vehicle
T54 - Farm, livestock, by-product and fish vehicles
T55 - Forestry and coal transport vehicles
T56 - Medical service and epidemic control vehicles
T57 - Container car
T58 - Tank lorry
T59 - Other special automobiles
T60 - Tractors in general
T61 - Tractor
T62 - Hydraulic lift system
T63 - Transmission system
T64 - Traveling system
T65 - Steering system
T66 - Braking system
T67 - PTO shaft and traction gear
T68 - Electrical devices and instruments
T69 - Cab and others
T70 - Trailers in general
T71 - Trailer
T72 - Towing device
T73 - Bearing system
T74 - Braking system
T75 - Passenger cabinet
T76 - Electrical apparatus and light fixture
T80 - Motorcycles in general
T81 - Engine
T82 - Transmission and braking system
T83 - Bearing system
T84 - Steering and operation system
T85 - Electronic and electrical equipment
T90 - Trolley bus and other vehicles in general
U00 - Standardization and quality management
U01 - Technical management
U02 - Economic management
U04 - Basic standards and general methods
U05 - Vessel materials and their inspection methods
U06 - Vessel technology
U07 - Computer application
U08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
U09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
U10 - Overall vessels in general
U11 - Ship theory and model test
U12 - General structure of ship hull
U13 - Marine transportation vessels - overall
U14 - Inland water transportation vessels - overall
U15 - Fishing vessels - overall
U16 - Auxiliary vessels and survey vessels - overall
U17 - Ocean platforms - overall
U18 - Small vessels - overall
U20 - Rigging equipment outfit in general
U21 - Mooring fittings
U22 - Deck machinery
U23 - Fire fighting equipment
U24 - Marine installations
U25 - Accommodation outfit
U26 - Deck fittings
U27 - Life saving apparatus
U28 - Underwater apparel and tackle
U30 - Specialized vessel devices in general
U31 - Special equipment for marine transportation vessel
U32 - Special equipment for inland water transportation vessel
U33 - Special devices for fishing vessel
U34 - Special devices for auxiliary vessel and survey vessel
U35 - Special devices for ocean platform
U37 - Devices for small vessel
U40 - Main and auxiliary machines for vessel in general
U41 - Marine boiler and steam engine
U42 - Engine room equipment
U43 - Marine turbo machine and gas turbine
U44 - Marine internal-combustion engine
U46 - Marine nuclear powerplant
U47 - Compartment auxiliary machine
U48 - Shafting equipment
U50 - Vessel pipeline fittings in general
U52 - Marine valve fittings
U53 - Marine gate valves and plug cocks
U54 - Marine ventilation accessories
U55 - Marine pipe fittings
U56 - Marine communication remote-control & manipulation accessories
U57 - Marine hydraulic/pneumatic elements and accessories
U60 - Electrical, observation/communication and navigation equipment for vessel in general
U61 - Power generation, transformation and distribution equipment for vessel
U62 - Electric control devices and measurement equipment for vessel
U63 - Lighting and other electrical devices for vessel
U65 - Navigation equipment
U66 - Marine communication equipment
U67 - Underwater sound equipment
U68 - Observation equipment for vessel
U69 - Electrical installation parts for vessel
U80 - Vessel manufacturing process devices in general
U81 - Body manufacturing process device
U82 - Turbine manufacturing process device
U83 - Electrical equipment manufacturing process device
U84 - Vessel instrument manufacturing process device
U90 - Special technological equipment for shipbuilding in general
U91 - Special equipment for shipbuilding
U92 - Special equipment for main and auxiliary machine manufacturing
U93 - Special equipment for instrument and apparatus for shipbuilding
U99 - Other equipment for shipbuilding
V00 - Standardization and quality management
V01 - Technical management
V02 - Economic management
V04 - Basic standards and general methods
V05 - Reliability
V06 - Ambient conditions
V07 - Computer application
V08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
V09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
V10 - Basic standards for aviation and aerospace materials
V11 - Metal casting and forging materials used for aviation and aerospace
V13 - Nonmetallic materials used for aviation and aerospace
V15 - Composite materials and solid fuels
V16 - Hot processing technology
V18 - Cold processing technology
V20 - Fasteners
V21 - Pipe fittings, clamps and seals
V22 - Mechanical gadgets and components
V23 - Elastic elements
V25 - Electronic components
V26 - Sensor elements
V27 - Structural members of electrical devices
V28 - Aerospace initiation and ignition devices
V29 - Aerospace hydraulic elements and accessories
V30 - Engine - overall
V31 - Engine auxiliary system and its accessories
V32 - Engine spare parts
V35 - Aircraft and its accessories in general
V36 - General technical requirements
V37 - Manipulation system and its accessories
V38 - Hydraulic and pneumatic systems and their accessories
V39 - Fuel system and its accessories
V40 - Electrical system and equipment
V41 - Navigation and communication system and equipment
V42 - Takeoff and landing devices
V43 - Driving force installation and manipulation
V44 - Life-support system and equipment
V45 - Aircraft instruments
V46 - Aircraft test apparatus
V47 - Aviation balloon
V50 - Air transport and ground equipment in general
V51 - Passenger transport
V52 - Freight transport
V53 - General aviation
V54 - Air traffic control
V55 - Aircraft maintenance and management
V56 - AGS system and equipment
V57 - Special vehicles
V58 - Flight training and equipment
V59 - Aviation sports equipment
V70 - Spacecraft in general
V71 - Spacecraft - overall
V72 - Spacecraft power system
V73 - Spacecraft control and guidance system
V74 - Spacecraft stable system
V75 - Spacecraft telemetering and remote sensing system
V76 - Energy equipment for spacecraft
V80 - Aerospace ground equipment in general
V81 - Ground test equipment
V82 - Ground measurement and control equipment
V83 - Ground control and guidance system
V84 - Transporting, hoisting and filling equipment
V85 - Launching and launch-control equipment
V86 - Ground power source equipment
V90 - Aircraft and spacecraft manufacturing equipment in general
V91 - Cutters
V92 - Measuring devices
V93 - Clamping fixtures
V94 - Moulds
V95 - Tools
V96 - Special equipment for aircraft manufacturing
V97 - Special equipment for spacecraft manufacturing
W00 - Standardization and quality management
W01 - Technical management
W02 - Economic management
W04 - Basic standards and general methods
W05 - Technology
W06 - Comprehensive utilization
W07 - Computer application
W08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
W09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
W10 - Cotton textile in general
W11 - Half finished cotton products
W12 - Cotton yarns and threads
W13 - Cambrayon and cotton products
W20 - Wool textile in general
W21 - Half finished wool products
W22 - Wool yarns and threads
W23 - Wool gray fabric and products
W27 - Industrial wool and felt
W30 - Ramie textile in general
W31 - Half finished linen products
W32 - Linen yarn and threads
W33 - Linen cloth
W40 - Silk and silk fabric in general
W41 - Half-finished silk and silk fabric products
W42 - Silk yarns and threads
W43 - Silk and silk textile products
W50 - Chemical fibre in general
W51 - Half finished chemical fibre products
W52 - Chemical fibre
W55 - Textile articles in general
W56 - Blankets
W57 - Textile end products
W58 - Threads, straps and ropes
W59 - Other textile articles
W60 - Knitted fabric in general
W61 - Knitting yarns and threads
W62 - Knitted grey fabrics
W63 - Knit articles
W70 - Printed and dyed articles
W71 - Printed and dyed cotton and cotton-blended fabric articles
W72 - Printed and dyed wool and wool-blended fabric articles
W73 - Printed and dyed linen and linen-blended fabric articles
W74 - Printed and dyed silk and silk-blended fabric articles
W76 - Printing and dyeing of textile articles
W77 - Printing and dyeing of knit articles
W90 - Textile machinery and apparatus in general
W91 - Textile machinery spare parts
W92 - Electricity and automation control devices for textile machinery
W93 - Spinning machinery and apparatus
W94 - Knitting machinery and apparatus
W95 - Dyeing and finishing machinery and apparatus
W96 - Machinery and apparatus for knit and textile articles
W97 - Chemical fiber machinery and instrument
W98 - Textile testing instrument
X00 - Standardization and quality management
X01 - Technical management
X02 - Economic management
X04 - Basic standards and general methods
X07 - Computer application
X08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
X09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
X10 - Food processing and products in general
X11 - Grain processing and products
X14 - Grease and oil processing and products
X16 - Milk and dairy products
X18 - Fowl and egg processing and products
X20 - Aquatic products processing and products
X22 - Meat processing and products
X24 - Fruit processing and products
X26 - Vegetable processing and products
X28 - Baking products
X30 - Sugar refining and sugar products in general
X31 - Sugar refining
X33 - Processed sugar
X34 - Saccharified residues
X35 - Salt production in general
X37 - Crude salt
X38 - Salt products
X40 - Food Additives and flavoring agents in general
X41 - Natural food additives
X42 - Synthetic food additives
X44 - Flavoring agents
X46 - Flavoring essences
X50 - Beverages in general
X51 - Beverage products
X53 - Cold drinks and snacks
X55 - Tea products
X60 - Foods fermentation and brewing in general
X61 - Distilled liquors
X62 - Fermented wines
X63 - Blended wines
X66 - Flavoring materials
X69 - Other fermented goods
X70 - Canned foods in general
X71 - Canned meat
X72 - Canned poultry
X73 - Canned fishery
X74 - Canned fruit
X77 - Canned vegetable
X79 - Other canned foods
X80 - Special foods in general
X81 - Puffing and compressed foods
X82 - Children foods
X83 - Health foods
X85 - Tobacco curing in general
X86 - Tobacco processing
X87 - Tobacco
X89 - Others
X90 - Food processing machinery in general
X91 - Grain and oil/fat processing machinery
X92 - Canning process machinery
X93 - Sugar producing machinery
X94 - Tobacco curing machinery
X95 - Brewing machinery
X96 - Salt producing machinery
X99 - Other food processing machinery
Y00 - Standardization and quality management
Y01 - Technical management
Y02 - Economic management
Y04 - Basic standards and general methods
Y07 - Computer application
Y08 - Marking, packaging, transport and storage
Y09 - Hygiene, safety and labor protection
Y11 - Horology
Y14 - Bicycle
Y17 - Sewing machine
Y20 - Daily use glass, ceramic, enamel and plastic products in general
Y22 - Daily use glass products
Y24 - Daily use ceramics products
Y26 - Daily use enamel products
Y28 - Daily use plastic products
Y30 - Papermaking in general
Y31 - Paper pulp and paperboard
Y32 - Paper
Y33 - Paper products
Y39 - Other papers
Y40 - Daily use chemicals in general
Y41 - Fragrances and flavors
Y42 - Cosmetics
Y43 - Tooth paste, soap and detergent
Y44 - Other daily-use chemicals
Y45 - Leather processing and products in general
Y46 - Furs and leathers
Y47 - Artificial leathers and synthetic leathers
Y48 - Fur, leather and artificial leather products
Y49 - Byproducts and comprehensive utilization of furs
Y50 - Culture, education and drawing instruments, notebooks and cards
Y51 - Special instruments for teaching
Y52 - Special instruments for schools
Y53 - Other teaching aids
Y54 - Office supplies and office implements
Y55 - Sports facilities and apparatus
Y56 - Sports goods
Y57 - Toys
Y58 - Musical instruments
Y60 - Basic standards and general methods for household appliances
Y61 - Household air conditioning and cooling appliances
Y62 - Household cleaning and cosmetic appliances
Y63 - Household electric heating appliances
Y64 - Household health care appliances
Y68 - Cooking appliances, basic standards and general methods
Y69 - Others
Y70 - Hardware in general
Y71 - Building hardware
Y72 - Wire products
Y73 - Daily-use hardware
Y75 - Clothing, footgear and headwear in general
Y76 - Clothing and clothing accessories
Y77 - Headwear, gloves and hosiery
Y78 - Footgear
Y80 - Furniture in general
Y81 - Furniture products
Y82 - Furniture accessories
Y85 - Artistic handicrafts and other daily necessaries in general
Y87 - Daily-use bamboo, wood and rattan articles as well as textiles
Y88 - Artistic handicrafts
Y89 - Other daily necessaries
Y90 - Light industry machinery in general
Y91 - Paper manufacturing machinery in general
Y92 - Processing machinery for horology, bicycle and sewing machine
Y93 - Processing machinery for daily use glass, enamel and ceramic
Y94 - Leather processing machinery
Y96 - Furniture processing machinery
Y97 - Hardware and household appliance machinery
Y99 - Other light industry machinery
Z00 - Standardization and quality management
Z01 - Technical management
Z02 - Economic management
Z04 - Basic standards and general methods
Z05 - Specifications for pollution control
Z06 - Natural resource and environment protection
Z10 - Environmental pollutant monitoring methods
Z11 - Gas medium and radioactive substance sampling
Z12 - Sampling methods for liquid mediums and plant, animal and human organism
Z13 - Sampling methods for solid waste, soil and other environmental elements
Z15 - Analysis methods for toxic substances in atmosphere
Z16 - Analysis methods for toxic substances in water
Z17 - Analysis methods for substances in ocean
Z18 - Analysis methods for environmental quality of soils
Z19 - Analysis methods for toxic and harmful substances in animal and plant
Z20 - Analysis methods for toxic and harmful substances in mineral
Z22 - Determination methods for quality of other environmental elements
Z23 - Analysis methods for industrial wastewater and pollutants
Z25 - Analysis methods for exhaust emission pollutants
Z27 - Analysis methods for industrial residue pollutants
Z29 - Analysis methods for mobile pollution sources
Z30 - Analysis and test methods for physical pollution
Z32 - Noise and vibration test methods
Z33 - Analysis and test methods for radioactive substances and radiation intensity
Z50 - Environmental Quality Standard for atmosphere, water and soil
Z51 - Environmental quality standards for specialized fields
Z52 - Environmental quality standards for areas
Z53 - Special area and cross-area environmental standards
Z54 - Environmental quality standards for upper atmosphere
Z58 - Dangerous weather warning standards for special industrial areas
Z59 - Environmental quality standards for other areas
Z60 - Pollutants discharge in general
Z61 - Discharge standards for industrial pollutants of mining areas and raw materials
Z62 - Pollutants discharge standards for mechanical and electrical industries
Z63 - Pollutant discharge standards for light textile industry
Z64 - Discharge standard for mobile pollution sources
Z66 - Permissible standards for discharging into treatment structures
Z67 - Physical pollution control standards
Z68 - Urban domestic pollution source control standards
Z70 - Toxic and harmful solid waste control standards
Z71 - Ordinary solid waste control standards
Z75 - Standards for discharge into rivers
Z76 - Standards for discharge in special areas
Z77 - Standards for discharge in rural areas
Z79 - Standard for discharge in other areas
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